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Congratulations to LS Burt, Faith who we just received word that she has received the Colonel Robert Perron Award.

The Colonel Robert Perron Fitness Award (hereafter called the Colonel Perron Award) recognizes outstanding achievement in physical fitness. This National Award will be presented annually to the Cadet who attains the highest physical fitness test score. Cadets from the Army, Navy and Air elements are eligible to apply for this Award.

18 June 2020     

LS Faith Burt
94 RCSCC (Warspite)
Kitchener, ON


It is my honour to congratulate you on being awarded this trophy for your outstanding achievement in the Canadian Cadet Organisations (CCO) physical fitness challenge. 

I am pleased that we are able to recognize and celebrate excellence in physical fitness, an important aim of the CCO and a lifelong value to you. 

I encourage you to continue to challenge yourself and to act as a role model for your peers. 


Best of luck in your future endeavours,

Robert Perron
Colonel (Retired)
Director Cadets& JCRs (2003-2007)


Our Virtual Awards Night will take place on Tuesday June 2, 2020 at 1900.  All are welcome including parents, friends and family.  Please see the details, below, you will need to use Cisco WebEx which is available both on the computer (Mac and Windows) and phone (iOS and Andriod).…

Meeting Number: 1606095968

Password: Please speak to a DPO, officer or check Discord for password


Please see the attached letter from the Commanding Officer of Regional Cadet Support Unit Central.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the CO at


We need as many cadets, parents and Navy League members to join our new tool called Discord so that we can keep in contact.  We are going to have fun facts, games, trivia and much more other stuff as well.  Prizes will be awarded and given when we get back or maybe before hand as well.  Please get as many people to join as possible.

Download the app either on desktop (Windows, Mac or Linux) or on your phone (iOS or Android) and use the code to join our server.  This is going to be a great way for us to continue to interact and have some fun, please get as many people to join as possible, pass the word.

All parents, cadets and Navy League members please join!!!!!


During this time that we are going to be away from the corps and training, we would like to keep in touch with everyone.  To that end the staff have decided to use a tool called Discord to accomplish this.  This app will allow us to communicate with each other and even have little competitions.  Parents, cadets and league members are all asked to join.  You can use this on your computer (Windows, Mac and Linux) and your phone (iOS or Android).  Please note that this does use cell data if you are not on wifi.

Please take some time to download the app and register and use the following code to join the RCSCC Warspite channel:  Once you have registered please change your nickname:

  • Cadets: Rank LastName, First Initial (i.e. PO2 Bloggins, J).
  • Parents: Mr./Mrs/Ms LastName, First Initial (i.e. Mrs. Smith, R)
  • Navy League Members: NL LastName, First Initial (i.e. NL Reading, T)

Once you have done all of that then you will get approval to start using the channel.  If you have any issues please contact the CO at