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Meeting ID: 858 3846 7694
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April 12-16th

Cadet Activity Plan - Cruise Into Spring

The CAP@Home Cruise into Spring is being put on by the CCO to keep cadets active during the upcoming break.  It is designed to be flexible and engaging so that cadets are able to participate on their own time.  Unlike previous online events, there is no set schedule.  Cadets do not have to be up and at their computer by a specific time unless they want to.

The program takes place over five days, with each day covering the topics of CAF Familiarization, Citizenship, Outdoor Adventure, Healthy Living, and Mental Health Awareness.  The flexibility comes from being able to do the activities in any order you wish; whether you want to spread them over the five days, or do them all at once.  There is no specific order in which they need to be completed, either.  

There is no registration process, and it is open to every cadet who wants to participate.  The more cadets do, the more rewards there are.  For every activity that is completed, they get assigned points.  Get enough points, and those who obtain a Gold rating get invited to a meet and greet with RCSU Central's command team.

The program runs from April 12 to April 16.  If you wish to participate, please send an email to with the name of the cadet who wishes to participate.  Once we receive that email stating that you would like to take part in this, you will be sent the joining instructions pdf that contains more information.

Any questions can be directed to A/SLt Heibein.