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Band - No band on monday

Guard - friday 1830-2130 at the CYDC

Range - thursday 1830-2100 at the CYDC

Vigil - starting at 2000 (over night) at the Waterloo city hall



Band Practice - Monday at 1830-2130, Meeting at the ship, No experience required.

Guard Practice - Friday at 1830-2030, No experience required.

CD's Next week - C1 Dress.

Vigil - November the 10th, 2000-1100.  



Warspite Sea Cadets will be participating in a mandatory range safety and marksmanship training day at the Cadet Youth Development Center (CYDC) located at the Breslau Airport on Saturday October 26, 2019 from 09:00 - 17:00.

This day is designed to fulfill the annual marksmanship safety and training requirements for promotion, provide opportunity for leadership and team building development and introduce cadets to marksmanship and biathlon opportunities in the cadet program.

Arrive at the CYDC in Breslau for 09:00 Saturday October 26, 2019 in appropriate civilian attire. Pick up is at the CYDC by 17:00.

Appropriate attire for the day’s program includes:

  1. Outside PT Gear (weather determining) that includes a Long Sleeve Shirt/ Sweatshirt/ Hoodie
  2. Running Shoes Bring your own water bottle. Lunch will be provided.


See file below for more information.


This weekend Warspite will be volunteering with the KW Naval Association to help collect donations for poppies. 
This is a mandatory event, and cadets must participate in at least one shift to help cover the cost of their year end trip. 
The First Shift is Friday, Oct 25th from 1730-2130h. (5:30-9:30)

The Second Shift is Sunday, Oct 27th from 1230-1630h (12:30-4:30)

Cadets will meet and finish at KW Naval Association located at 315 Weber St N, Waterloo, ON N2J 3H8

Parents are requested to help drive cadets to and from their locations and stay near by when possible. Carpooling is possible. 

Uniform is C1 (Full Dress Uniform), if you do not have you please dress in black pants, white shirt. If it is cold/rainy please bring your issued cadet parka, or a dark coloured jacket if you haven’t been issued one.  

The signup lists have been attached. 


Band Practice - Monday, Oct 28, meeting at the ship from 1830 - 2130. No experience required.

Guard Practice - Friday, Oct 25, meeting at the CYDC from 1830-2030. No experience required.

Halloween - Tuesday Oct 29, dress is your costume! Don't forget to bring food!

Poppy Drive - Meeting at the Navel association Friday (1730-1230) and Sunday (1230-1630)

Range - Saturday Oct 26, meeting at the CYDC from 0900-1700, Mandatory event.