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There is an opportunity for cadets to work at the Area biathlon competition, see the message below and if you are interested please contact the CO at or Slt Ellis at

SWOA has been tasked to find an additional 11 cadet officials for the Area biathlon competition to be held on the weekend of 11-12 Jan 20.

We require senior NCO’s as these duties require members who are smart on their feet and that require very little supervision; they are an integral part of the competition and for those that excel at their jobs, they may be invited to the Regional competition in Sault Sainte Marie on 7-9 Feb 20.


Only for range team members, 1830 to 2100 at 530 Havoc Legion on Thursday Dec 5.

Friday Dec 6 at the CYDC in Breslau, come out and have some fun, 3 more people to make a team for competition, if you need assistance getting there please contact CV Bremner.

Saturday Dec 7.  Dropoff at William Street (see map below) no later than 0930 and pickup approx 1100 at 



Monday Dec 9 from 1820 to 2130, meet at our ship (315 Breithaupt Street), new members always welcome, no experience required.

Tuesday Dec 10 from 1830 to 2115 at the University of Waterloo Gym at Columbia Icefield (see map below), dress is appropriate civilian attire.  There is no parking, unless you want to pay, so this should probably just be a drop off and pickup.


Band Practice - Monday at 1830-2130, Meeting at the ship, No experience required.

Range Practice - Thursday at 530 Havoc.  Only those on the range team are to show  

Guard Practice - Friday at 1830-2030 at the CYDC, No experience required.

Mess Dinner - Saturday Dec 14 at the KWNA, 1800 to 2300.  You need to bring in your 10 dollar deposit next week and check in with CPO2 Pepper. You will get this deposit back when you show up to the dinner. If you would like to bring a guest, you may bring someone who is between 12 and 19 years old and they will have a cost of between 27 and 28 dollars. Please bring in the money for them next week and again check in with CPO2 Pepper. 


Band Practice - Monday at 1830-2130, Meeting at the ship, No experience required.

Guard Practice - Friday at 1830-2030, No experience required.



For the band. Meet at Ottawa and Frederick no later than 9:30am. Pick up at Weber and Bridgeport ( Shoppers drug mart)at the end of the parade. Approximately 11:15 to 11:30

Cambridge parade meet at 1310 Bishop st. The public works building no later than 1635. Pick up at the same location.

Guelph parade: be at the Guelph ship no later than 12:30