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Band Practice - No Band Practice this week

Range Practice - Thursday 1830-2100 at 530 Havoc, No experience required.

Guard Practice - Friday at 1830-2030 at the CYDC, No experience required.

Santa Claus Parades (All cadets are welcome to come):

  1. K/W Santa Claus (16 Nov - AM)
    -  Cadets to Meet at Ottawa and Frederick Street at 0930h at the latest.
  2. Cambridge Santa Claus (16 Nov - PM)
    - If not already with the bands, cadets to meet at the Public Works building at 1310 Bishop Street no later than 1635h.
  3. Guelph Santa Claus (17-Nov)
    - Carpool times from Kitchener TBD. If travelling by own parents, please arrive at the Ajax Ship no later than 1230h.
    - Pickup is around Wyndham and Farquhar Street, at apx.1515-1530h.


Uniform for next week - C4's (Blue shirt and ball cap)




The following Cadets have signed up for the Vigil, we need more cadets to sign up, please contact Slt Griffin, or Lt(N) Bremner,

Malkevich M&E, Najim, both Dorscht's, Reiber, Pauser, Thompson, Pennacchioli, Newell, Pruett, Yang, both Elkchirid's, Zhang, Friesen, Cheng and Proulx.


Range Practices will be starting tomorrow evening (Thursday) from 18:30 - 21:00 at CYDC in Breslau.   

Tomorrow night starts coaching sessions for cadets to learn more about the sport of marksmanship and improve accuracy.  ALL  CADETS WELCOME.  Results from this evening will go towards team selection for our first competitive shoot on Saturday November 23.  Questions directed to SLt Ellis.


Band - No band on monday

Guard - friday 1830-2130 at the CYDC

Range - thursday 1830-2100 at the CYDC

Vigil - starting at 2000 (over night) at the Waterloo city hall



Band Practice - Monday at 1830-2130, Meeting at the ship, No experience required.

Guard Practice - Friday at 1830-2030, No experience required.

CD's Next week - C1 Dress.

Vigil - November the 10th, 2000-1100.