Halloween Night

Cadets wearing costumes

Halloween is just around the corner! so to celebrate, the cadets and staff have decided to dress up for the occasion! With games such as Grave yard (think wax museum in the dark), and Werewolf, as well as an obstacle course with a doughnut attached to a string on the other end, but you cant use your hands!

After this was stand easy, and everyone brought in a snack to share, and everyone had as much as they could.

Directly following this was the Costume Contest! Judging on factors like; Creativity, spookiness, and effort. This year coming in first place, is the Malkevich's, as Russian Spies. In second place came the Burt Twins, As Lilo and Stitch. And in Third place came Reiber as an apocalypse.. Person. 

BZ to everyone for their amazing Costumes!

Russian spies
Lilo and Stitch
Apocalypse dude

Written by: PO1 Jacob Proulx