Padre and Sports Night

Padre Ed talking to the Cadets

To start off the night, the staff of Warspite had asked Padre Ed from HMCS Ontario and talk with the cadets. Padre Ed began the discussion with a Bingo game, learning about each other. Simple things like do you like this show? or do you own a bike? and everyone seemed to enjoyed it. After that we went on to learn about respect, and how its demonstrated in small ways every day. From PO's and Officers at cadets, all the way down to hats at school. 

Cadets playing basketball

Directly after Padre Ed's discussion, the cadets had stand easy. During this time cadets where able to go visit Padre Ed for a one-to-one discussion in one of the classrooms.

Following this we began sports night, splitting the cadets into two games of basketball. The Gym was instantly filled with energy, with all the running, jumping, and sportsmanship going on.

The Cadets Playing basketball

Written by PO1 Jacob Proulx