RCSCC Woodstock and RCSCC Warspite Seamanship Training Weekend

Cadets under training

This past weekend over 40 Cadets from RCSCC 94 Warspite and RCSCC 153 Woodstock joined together for a Joint Corps Seamanship Training Weekend held at 153 Woodstock’s Ship. During this weekend Cadets participated in a variety of classes such as Gyn, sheers, sea quiz, and even a cooking class held by Chef Knoop.

Each activity this weekend presented a new opportunity for the cadets to use and build communication, leadership, and teamwork skills.

During this joint corps weekend, the Cadets built up their esprit de corps and showed a great amount of enthusiasm when faced with a new challenge. The Cadets were excited to learn and get a chance to practice their seamanship knowledge with hands-on experiences and friendly competitions, all alongside another corps.

During the first day, Cadets did a variety of seamanship classes held by officers who have strong seamanship backgrounds.

Lt (N) Kirkham hosted the Gyn class this weekend, we were very lucky to have her teaching as she is very knowledgeable in this activity. Before setting up, the Cadets are given a debrief on all safety rules, as well as what materials are used, what knots are used, and the history of Gyn.

After the debrief the Cadets put on their hard hats and started to set up all the materials they needed and were given a demonstration on how to raise the spars.

This activity gave the Cadets a hands-on experience while they learned about some historical seamanship skills and it gave them a chance to build their teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.

Safety, Safety, Safety! When setting up the Sheers, safety is always a top priority. During the Sheers class, led by SLt Hannon, the Cadets are given a debrief on the history and safety of Sheers. It was important to emphasize the safety precautions, especially to new Cadets so everyone could have fun while being safe.

The Coxswain of 153 Woodstock, PO1 Walters, took the lead of the Sheers class and showed Cadets that Sheers could be fun and informative. Sheers is another great way for Cadets to learn teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. The Cadets needed to be able to work as a team to ensure everyone was safe and that the Sheers were being set up properly and efficiently. They had to effectively communicate with each other when they needed help, when they called commands, and when they shared important information with each other.

An important part of working with another unit is to build trust and friendships so everything works smoothly. The Knot Tying class, led by CI Himes, served as a time for the Cadets to get to know each other and learn new knots, bends, and hitches.

Cadets got a hands-on opportunity to learn knots, bends, and hitches that would be used later on in the day for Gyn and Sheers, and for the next day when there was a round robin seamanship competition.

Knots was a great way for the junior Cadets to mingle and talk with the senior Cadets which helps build comradery within the corps and each other.

This class was a great way to learn and spend time outside on such a beautiful day while laughing and learning.

This weekend offered a few opportunities for Cadets to have friendly competitions with each other while showcasing all the seamanship knowledge they learned.

One opportunity was the Sea Quiz station where Cadets were split into two teams and faced each other in general Cadet knowledge and seamanship style questions.

They used their teamwork skills to properly answer questions and encouraged each other to try their best. When they answered correctly the teams would cheer each other on, and give encouragement to those who didn’t answer correctly.

The Sea Quiz gave Cadets a chance for friendly competition between each other and taught them more teamwork skills. This also gave them a way to test out their brand new seamanship knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

The next day Cadets participated in a cooking class held by Chef Knoop, where they learned basic safety precautions in the kitchen and they got a chance to help prepare the lunch, Teriyaki Stir Fry, which was a great break from the MRE’s served.

The Cadets also played a few sports in their teams. Dodgeball, Soccer, and Capture the Flag were all a great time for the Cadets for some more friendly competition while staying active and being outside on a beautiful day. It was exciting seeing the Cadets cheer each other on and work as a team to do the best they could.

After eating the delicious lunch prepared by the Cadets, they participated in a round robin Seamanship competition, where they competed at each station to win points. Cadets would cheer each other on during these activities and give encouragement to those Cadets trying things for their first time. At the end of the competition, the team with the most points was recognized, as well as the team with the most spirit and encouragement. Though it was a very close call because all the Cadets tried their very best, and all teams were encouraging.

This weekend was a great way for Cadets to learn new skills, interact with another corps, and build friendships. The Cadets had lots of fun learning and competing with each other, and all the staff can agree it was great seeing everyone interact with each other.

What’s your favourite part about training weekends with your unit?